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The Partners for Change Outcome Management System

A New Paradigm for Quality and Efficiency Improvement

What is PCOMS

For many years there have been calls for better and more effective client engagement. These have led to the development of the “Partners for Change Outcome Management System” (PCOMS) which supports increased client empowerment and better accountability.


PCOMS is an outcome management system that benefits the client, the worker and the organisation.


PCOMS uses simple sliding scales to solicit client feedback on factors proven to predict success, regardless of treatment model or the presenting problem; provides objective, quantifiable data on the effectiveness of providers and systems of care; and provides a formalised mechanism for client preferences to guide the choice of intervention.


Below please find a report commissioned by the Partnering for Outcomes Foundation that  identifies the key components of PCOMS and implementation issues to consider from a New Zealand context. The authors spoke to a number of NZ organisations: staff and management and their clients about their experiences of PCOMS and the insights they gathered as a result.


Measuring a client’s progress to determine whether the intervention is helping them

Privileging the client’s voice as the most critical in any counselling intervention

Holding paramount that change is achieved and maintained by the client him or herself and not by the professional

Recognising that not all health/social service workers are accurate in ascertaining the success of interventions

Recognising that clients are 100% accurate in ascertaining the success of interventions

Using the client’s own [cultural, social] conceptualisation of wellness as an essential paradigm by which to determine their progress.

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At the Partnering for Outcomes Foundation we provide training, implementation guidance, advice and resources for all things relating to PCOMS.

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