2019 Trainers Conference (TOT)


Partnering for Outcomes Aotearoa (POFA) are currently supporting the Ministry for Children Oranga Tamariki in PCOMS training as a part of a pilot they are conducting to support increased client voice and engagement in their work. The training was graphically recorded – and hopefully highlights the exciting opportunities for staff to reflect the new legislation regarding  increasing client voices in their work as well as the the new practice framework promoting stronger engagement.

Lifewise staff attend PCOMS Training

Staff at Lifewise in Auckland attend a PCOMS training day with Makerita Makapelu from Wesley Community Action.

Watch this space as Lifewise staff apply PCOMS in different settings, including supporting long term homeless to find and stay in permanent accommodation.


Makerita applies PCOMS very successfully in group settings for our Good Cents course which focuses on financial wellbeing.  She finds that PCOMS supports people to find their own theory of change, therefore making this change sustainable as well as knowing earlier rather than later if it isn’t working for them. The ongoing feedback on the way the group is facilitated through the group SRS ensures that the facilitators can make immediate adjustments to their facilitation.

Dr Barry Duncan visits New Zealand

Dr Barry Duncan- the co-designer of PCOMS and Director at Partnering for Outcomes Foundation Aotearoa  visited New Zealand in April to run a PCOMS workshop in Napier for Wairoa Youth Services Trust, Dove Hawkes Bay and Te Ikaroa Social Services. Following that workshop Barry ran a Train the Trainers Workshop- where participants are immersed in PCOMS and begin the process of becoming accredited trainers for the Heart and Soul of Change, for two staff from Wairoa Youth Services. This was organised by Mark Oberon- Chair of Wairoa Youth Services Trust and Director at Exess Connectivity.



Makerita Makapelu, from Wesley Community Action supported Barry at the Train the Trainers, providing a New Zealand lens and insights from a providers experience. Its wonderful to see more organisations investing in being client led and data rich.

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